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Set Cards

Antique-armoire.gif Antique Armoire (8000)
Porcelain Vase + Antique Key + Vinyl Collection
Porcelain-vase.gif Antique-key.gif Vinyl-collection.gif
Porcelain-vase.gif Porcelain Vase (3600)
Family China + 2x Living Room Lamp
Family-china.gif living-room-lamp.gif living-room-lamp.gif
Station-wagon.gif Station Wagon (3400)
Buy (Chicago, 240 credits)
Groovy-couch.gif Groovy Couch (2000)
Vacuum Cleaner + Living Room Lamp + Busted Board Game
Vacuum.gif living-room-lamp.gif Busted-board-game.gif
Family-china.gif Family China (1900)
Vault Bonus/Buy (Sydney, 190 credits)
Vintage-hi-fi.gif Vintage Hi-Fi (1600)
Antique-key.gif Antique Key (1200)
Compy-64.gif Compy 64 (1200)
3x Joystick
Joystick.gif Joystick.gif Joystick.gif
Like-new-washer.gif Like New Washer (1150)
Disco Dress + Manly Shirt + Onesie
Disco-dress.gif manly-shirt.gif Onesie.gif
Treadmill.gif Treadmill (995)
Vinyl-collection.gif Vinyl Collection (800)
Buy (London, 80 credits)
Vacuum.gif Vacuum Cleaner (750)
Buy (Chicago, 75 credits)
living-room-lamp.gif Living Room Lamp (600)
Buy (London, 60 credits)
Disco-dress.gif Disco Dress (350)
Buy (London, 35 credits)
Joystick.gif Joystick (300)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
manly-shirt.gif Manly Shirt (250)
Buy (Las Vegas, 25 credits)
Busted-board-game.gif Busted Board Game (200)
Buy (Chicago, 12 credits)
Onesie.gif Onesie (98)
Buy (Sydney, 9 credits)

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