Winston World

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Icon: Winston-world-icon.gif (15 total items)

Set Cards

Big-goliath.gif Big Goliath (13550)
Winston Wheel + Leviathan + Halley's Comet (12 Hour Bake Time)
Winston-wheel.gif Leviathan.gif Halleys-comet.gif
Winston-wheel.gif Winston Wheel (4200)
Carousel + Long Line + Turnstile (4 Hour Bake Time)
Carousel.gif Long-line.gif Turnstile.gif
Leviathan.gif Leviathan (3600)
Percolator + Boat Bumper + Portable Toilet
Percolator.gif Boat-bumper.gif Portable-toilet.gif
Halleys-comet.gif Halley's Comet (2150)
Spring Rider + Mascot Worker + Turnstile
Spring-rider.gif Mascot-worker.gif Turnstile.gif
Carousel.gif Carousel (1500)
Long-line.gif Long Line (1250)
Invite Bonus, Pop-up
Percolator.gif Percolator (1100)
This Tall to Ride Sign + Kid's Wagon + Fountain Soda
This-tall-to-ride-sign.gif Kids-wagon.gif Fountain-soda.gif
Boat-bumper.gif Boat Bumper (1000)
Buy, (Portofino, 150 credits)
Spring-rider.gif Spring Rider (750)
Buy (Portofino, 110 Credits)
Mascot-worker.gif Mascot Worker (600)
Buy (London, 75 credits)
Portable-toilet.gif Portable Toilet (500)
Buy (London, 75 credits)
This-tall-to-ride-sign.gif This Tall to Ride Sign (400)
Buy (Sydney, 60 credits)
Kids-wagon.gif Kids Wagon (300)
Buy (Sydney, 45 credits)
Turnstile.gif Turnstile (200)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
Fountain-soda.gif Fountain Soda (100)
Buy (Chicago, 15 credits)

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