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Icon: urban-hipster_small.gif (15 total items)
Retired May 15th, 2008

Set Cards

tangerine-turbo_small.gif Tangerine Turbo (3500)
Hipster DeeJay + Euro Car Keys + Upscale Briefs
hipster-deejay_small.gif euro-car-keys_small.gif upscale-briefs_small.gif
vintage-guitar_small.gif Vintage Guitar (2500)
Pop-up/Invite Bonus
hipster-deejay_small.gif Hipster DeeJay (2300)
Turntable + Pricey Headphones + LP
turntable_small.gif pricey-headphones_small.gif long-play_small.gif
next-gen-console_small.gif Next Gen Console (1600)
3x Next Gen Controller
next-gen-controller_small.gif next-gen-controller_small.gif next-gen-controller_small.gif
espresso-machine_small.gif Espresso Machine (1500)
Buy (London/New York, 200 credits)
rootkit_small.gif Rootkit (1500)
3x LP
long-play_small.gif long-play_small.gif long-play_small.gif
turntable_small.gif Turntable (750)
Buy (Las Vegas, 75 credits)
pair-of-high-tops_small.gif Pair of High Tops (750)
Pop-up/Invite Bonus
euro-car-keys_small.gif Euro Car Keys (500)
pricey-headphones_small.gif Pricey Headphones (500)
Buy (London, 50 credits)
next-gen-controller_small.gif Next Gen Controller (400)
Buy (Chicago/London, 40 credits)
hipster-journal_small.gif Hipster Journal (300)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
long-play_small.gif LP (300)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
upscale-briefs_small.gif Upscale Briefs (200)
Buy (Chicago/London/Las Vegas, 20 credits)
pocket-butane_small.gif Pocket Butane (100)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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