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Icon: the-bees-knees_small.gif (15 total items)
Retiring July 8th, 2008

Set Cards

honey-pot_small.gif Honey Pot (15000)
Hive + Queen Bee + Mister Beekeeper
hive_small.gif queen-bee_small.gif mister-beekeeper_small.gif
hive_small.gif Hive (10000)
3x Honeycomb
honeycomb_small.gif honeycomb_small.gif honeycomb_small.gif
honeycomb_small.gif Honeycomb (2500)
Big Fluffy + Busy Bee + Bluebonnet
big-fluffy_small.gif busy-bee_small.gif bluebonnet_small.gif
queen-bee_small.gif Queen Bee (1500)
Bee in Love + Baby Bumblebee + Happy Bee
bee-in-love_small.gif baby-bumblebee_small.gif happy-bee_small.gif
beefy-bee_small.gif Beefy Bee (1200)
Buy (London, 180 credits)
mister-beekeeper_small.gif Mister Beekeeper (1000)
big-fluffy_small.gif Big Fluffy (1000)
3x Happy Bee
happy-bee_small.gif happy-bee_small.gif happy-bee_small.gif
buzzkill_small.gif Buzzkill (750)
Invite Bonus
busy-bee_small.gif Busy Bee (500)
Buy (Sydney, 75 credits)
emo-bee_small.gif Emo Bee (400)
Buy (New York, 60 credits)
bee-in-love_small.gif Bee in Love (400)
Buy (Sydney/Las Vegas, 60 credits)
buzzzzz_small.gif Buzzzzz (400)
Buy (Sydney, 60 credits)
baby-bumblebee_small.gif Baby Bumblebee (300)
Buy (Chicago, 45 credits)
happy-bee_small.gif Happy Bee (300)
Buy (Chicago, 45 credits)
bluebonnet_small.gif Bluebonnet (200)
Buy (Sydney, 40 credits)

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