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Updating this wiki alone has become a chore. If you wish to see it continue, I will help anyone that is interested in updating it to do so. I do not have time anymore to play packrat and update this wiki along with my family, job and college.
If you wish to go to a site with good recipe information, try Packratwiki

I will check this site on occasion for messages and interested parties. The last update was 7/7/08.


This is a recipe and information site for the game Packrat on Facebook

Looking for assistance in updating this wiki. The basic layout is finished, just some copying, pasting and image uploading is required. Let me know on the message board.

Below are listed all verified items and recipes for PackRat.

Unverified recipes should go on the Possible Recipes page.

Current Sets

These sets are current active and have cards that are obtainable through the markets, vault bonuses, pop-ups, and invites.

7th-inning-stretch_small.gif 7th Inning Stretch
ancient-realms_small.gif Ancient Realms
born-to-be-wild_small.gif Born to be Wild
boy-genius_small.gif Boy Genius
dark-roast_small.gif Dark Roast
in-bloom-icon.gif In Bloom
jump-the-shark-icon.gif Jump the Shark
papa-louies-icon.gif Papa Louie's
quest-of-montezuma_small.gif Quest of Montezuma
rat-pack.gif Rat Pack
sleep-tight_small.gif Sleep Tight
Summer-blockbuster-icon.gif Summer Blockbuster
Winston-world-icon.gif Winston World
yard-sale-icon.gif Yard Sale

Retired Sets

The following sets have been retired by the developers. Cards from these sets may still be available by stealing from friends and the rats. However, there are a finite number available and will become rarer over time.

arctic-adventure_small.gif Arctic Adventure Retired March 31st, 2008
best-in-show_small.gif Best in Show Retired May 28th, 2008
cimarron-canyon_small.gif Cimarron Canyon Retired March 31st, 2008
collezioni-la-soul_small.gif Collezioni La Soul Retired May 9th, 2008
full-throttle_small.gif Full Throttle Retired July 1st 2008
high-seas-rivalry_small.gif High Seas Rivalry Retired April 12th, 2008
hightail-zoo_small.gif Hightail Zoo Retired July 3rd 2008
ninja-dawn_small.gif Ninja Dawn Retired May 7th, 2008
oh-the-drama_small.gif Oh the Drama Retired May 15th, 2008
primary-colors-2008_small.gif Primary Colors 2008 Retired March 5th, 2008
safari-kingdom_small.gif Safari Kingdom Retired March 31st, 2008
south-by-southwest_small.gif South by Southwest Retired March 14th, 2008
sugar-rush_small.gif Sugar Rush Retired May 28th, 2008
supermassive-black-hole_small.gif Supermassive Black Hole Retired April 10th, 2008
tiki-island_small.gif Tiki Island Retired April 15th, 2008
urban-hipster_small.gif Urban Hipster Retired May 15th, 2008
feats-of-wonder.gifFeats of Wonder
locks_small.gif Locks

Expiring Sets

The following sets will be expiring on the listed dates.
the-bees-knees_small.gif The Bee's Knees July 8th 2008

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