Packrat Quest Of Montezuma

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Icon: quest-of-montezuma_small.gif (15 total items)

Set Cards

montezuma-headdress_small.gif Montezuma’s Headdress (20000)
Turquoise Mask + Aztec Calendar + Two-Headed Serpent
turquoise-mask_small.gif aztec-calendar_small.gif two-headed-serpent_small.gif
aztec-temple_small.gif Aztec Temple (10000)
Toltec Warrior + Map of Cortez + Conquistador Helmet
toltec-warrior_small.gif map-of-cortez_small.gif conquistador-helmet_small.gif
turquoise-mask_small.gif Turquoise Mask (8000)
3x Spotted Jaguar
spotted-jaguar_small.gif spotted-jaguar_small.gif spotted-jaguar_small.gif
aztec-calendar_small.gif Aztec Calendar (6400)
3x Codex
codex_small.gif codex_small.gif codex_small.gif
toltec-warrior_small.gif Toltec Warrior (4800)
3x Rubber Ball
rubber-ball_small.gif rubber-ball_small.gif rubber-ball_small.gif
two-headed-serpent_small.gif Two-Headed Serpent (2500)
Vault Bonus
map-of-cortez_small.gif Map of Cortez (2000)
Vault Bonus
spotted-jaguar_small.gif Spotted Jaguar (2000)
3x Gold Coin
gold-coin_small.gif gold-coin_small.gif gold-coin_small.gif
codex_small.gif Codex (1600)
3x Patolli Game
patolli-game_small.gif patolli-game_small.gif patolli-game_small.gif
rubber-ball_small.gif Rubber Ball (1000)
3x Rubber Tree
rubber-tree_small.gif rubber-tree_small.gif rubber-tree_small.gif
conquistador-helmet_small.gif Conquistador Helmet (800)
Buy (London, 80 credits)
gold-coin_small.gif Gold Coin (500)
Pop-up/Vault Bonus/Buy (Las Vegas, 50 credits)
patolli-game_small.gif Patolli Game (400)
3x Maize
maize_small.gif maize_small.gif maize_small.gif
rubber-tree_small.gif Rubber Tree (300)
Buy (London/Sydney, 30 credits)
maize_small.gif Maize (100)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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