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Set Cards

Pizza-delivery.gif Pizza Delivery Truck (10000)
Papa Louie + Red Telephone + Pizza Box
Papa-louie.gif Red-telephone.gif Pizza-box.gif
Papa-louie.gif Papa Louie (4500)
Wood Oven + Wood Peel + Pizza Cutter
Wood-oven.gif Wood-peel.gif Pizza-cutter.gif
North-shore.gif North Shore (3500)
2 x Pineapple + Simple Cheese
Pineapple.gif Pineapple.gif Simple-cheese.gif
Primo.gif Primo (3000)
Double Pepperoni + Bell Pepper + Onion
Double-pepperoni.gif Bell-pepper.gif Onion.gif
Double-pepperoni.gif Double Pepperoni (1800)
Simple Cheese + 2x Pepperoni
Simple-cheese.gif Pepperoni.gif Pepperoni.gif
Red-telephone.gif Red Telephone (1750)
Wood-oven.gif Wood Oven (1100)
Buy (New York, 110 credits)
Pineapple.gif Pineapple (1000)
Invite bonus
Simple-cheese.gif Simple Cheese (800)
Zesty Tomato Sauce + Dough + Wedge of Mozzarella
zesty-tomato-sauce.gif Dough.gif Wedge-of-mozzarella.gif
Wood-peel.gif Wood Peel (750)
Buy (New York/Portofino, 75 credits)
Pizza-cutter.gif Pizza Cutter (650)
Buy (Chicago, 65 credits)
Pizza-box.gif Pizza Box (500)
Buy (New York, 50 credits)
zesty-tomato-sauce.gif Zesty Tomato Sauce (400)
3x Tomato
tomato.gif tomato.gif tomato.gif
Dough.gif Dough (300)
Buy (Portofino, 30 credits)
Wedge-of-mozzarella.gif Wedge of Mozzarella (200)
Buy (Portofino, 20 credits)
Bell-pepper.gif Bell Pepper (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
Pepperoni.gif Pepperoni (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
Onion.gif Onion (150)
Buy (Sydney, 15 Credits)
tomato.gif Tomato (100)
Vault Bonus/Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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