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Icon: oh-the-drama_small.gif (15 total items)
Retired May 15th, 2008

Set Cards

gossip-rag_small.gif Gossip Rag (6800)
Little Black Dress + Red Carpet + Paparazzo
little-black- dress_small.gif red-carpet_small.gif paparazzo_small.gif
sparklie_small.gif Sparklie (5600)
3x Credit Cards
credit-cards_small.gif credit-cards_small.gif credit-cards_small.gif
little-black-dress_small.gif Little Black Dress (2000)
Buy (New York, 350 credits)
red-carpet_small.gif Red Carpet (2000)
Designer Handbag + Audrey Shades + Lipstick
designer-handbag_small.gif audrey-shades_small.gif lipstick_small.gif
credit-cards_small.gif Credit Cards (1650)
Designer Handbag + Pink Cellphone + Audrey Shades
designer-handbag_small.gif pink-cellphone_small.gif audrey-shades_small.gif
paparazzo_small.gif Paparazzo (800)
designer-handbag_small.gif Designer Handbag (750)
Buy (New York, 450 credits)
chihuahua_small.gif Chihuahua (500)
Invite Bonus/Buy (London, 50 credits)
pink-cellphone_small.gif Pink Cellphone (500)
Buy (Chicago/London, 50 credits)
audrey-shades_small.gif Audrey Shades (400)
Buy (London/Sydney/Las Vegas, 40 credits)
upscale-push-up_small.gif Upscale Push-Up (300)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
eau-de-parfum_small.gif Eau de Parfum (300)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney, 30 credits)
broken-bff-locket_small.gif Broken BFF Locket (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
moisturizer_small.gif Moisturizer (200)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney/Las Vegas, 20 credits)
lipstick_small.gif Lipstick (200)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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