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Icon: jump-the-shark-icon.gif (30 total items)

Set Cards

jump-the-shark.gif Jump the Shark (8000)
Killer Wave + Ski Boat + Mechanical Shark
killer-wave.gif ski-boat.gif mechanical-shark.gif
clothing-optional.gif Clothing Optional (6950)
Surfin' Slater + Clarissa + Mojito
surfin-slater.gif clarissa.gif mojito.gif
coral-reef.gif Coral Reef (5300)
Scuba Diver + Sea Monster + Underwater Camera
scuba-diver.gif sea-monster.gif underwater-camera.gif
killer-wave.gif Killer Wave (4700)
Surfin' Slater + Wakeboard + Wetsuit
surfin-slater.gif wakeboard.gif wetsuit.gif
scuba-diver.gif Scuba Diver (2900)
Scuba Gear + Wetsuit + Pair of Swim Fins
scuba-gear.gif wetsuit.gif pair-of-swim-fins.gif
surfin-slater.gif Surfin' Slater (2450)
Wakeboard + Pair of Designer Sunglasses + Pair of Swimming Trunks
wakeboard.gif pair-of-designer-sunglasses.gif pair-of-swimming-trunks.gif
ski-boat.gif Ski Boat (2000)
Boat GPS Device + Lifeguard Steve + Pair of Water Skis
boat-gps-device.gif lifeguard-steve.gif pair-of-water-skis.gif
clarissa.gif Clarissa (1900)
Pair of Designer Sunglasses + Two Piece + Pair of Flip Flops
pair-of-designer-sunglasses.gif two-piece.gif pair-of-flip-flops.gif
sea-monster.gif Sea Monster (1600)
lifeguard-stand.gif Lifeguard Stand (1400)
mechanical-shark.gif Mechanical Shark (1200)
sand-castle.gif Sand Castle (1100)
Pair of Flip Flops + Set of Sand Toys + Beach Blanket
pair-of-flip-flops.gif set-of-sand-toys.gif beach-blanket.gif
scuba-gear.gif Scuba Gear (1000)
Buy (New York/Portofino, 200 credits)
boat-gps-device.gif Boat GPS Device (1000)
Buy (New York, 200 credits)
wakeboard.gif Wakeboard (750)
Buy (New York, 150 credits)
wetsuit.gif Wetsuit (750)
Buy (New York, 150 credits)
lifeguard-steve.gif Lifeguard Steve (700)
Pair of Swim Fins + Bottle of Suntan Lotion + Life Preserver
pair-of-swim-fins.gif bottle-of-suntan-lotion.gif life-preserver.gif
mojito.gif Mojito (700)
Beach Umbrella + Beach Blanket + Bottle of Suntan Lotion
beach-umbrella.gif beach-blanket.gif bottle-of-suntan-lotion.gif
pair-of-designer-sunglasses.gif Pair of Designer Sunglasses (600)
Buy (Portofino, 120 credits)
pair-of-water-skis.gif Pair of Water Skis (600)
Vault Bonus
pair-of-swimming-trunks.gif Pair of Swimming Trunks (500)
Buy (London, 100 credits)
two-piece.gif Two Piece (500)
Vault Bonus
pair-of-swim-fins.gif Pair of Swim Fins (400)
Buy (Sydney, 80 credits)
underwater-camera.gif Underwater Camera (400)
Buy (Sydney, 80 credits)
pair-of-flip-flops.gif Pair of Flip Flops (300)
Buy (Chicago, 60 credits)
set-of-sand-toys.gif Set of Sand Toys (300)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
beach-blanket.gif Beach Blanket (200)
Buy (London/Sydney, 40 credits)
beach-umbrella.gif Beach Umbrella (200)
Buy (Sydney, 40 credits)
life-preserver.gif Life Preserver (100)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
bottle-of-suntan-lotion.gif Bottle of Suntan Lotion (100)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)

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