Packrat In Bloom

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Icon: in-bloom-icon.gif (15 total items)

Set Cards

Alamofire.gif Alamofire (20000)
Praying Mantis + Firewheel + Firewheel
Praying-mantis.gif Firewheel.gif Firewheel.gif
Praying-mantis.gif Praying Mantis (6000)
Rain + Vine Ripened Tomatoes + Gardening Gloves
Rain.gif Vine-ripened-tomatoes.gif Garden-gloves.gif
Firewheel.gif Firewheel (5500)
Rain + Sunshine + Wildflower Seeds
Rain.gif Sunshine.gif Wildflower-seeds.gif
Watermelon.gif Watermelon (3500)
Sunshine + Hand Rake + Watermelon Seeds
Sunshine.gif hand-rake.gif Watermelon-seeds.gif
Rain.gif Rain (2000)
Sunshine.gif Sunshine (2000)
Vine-ripened-tomatoes.gif Vine Ripened Tomatoes (2000)
Watering Can + Terra Cotta Pot + Tomato Seeds
Watering-can.gif Terra-cotta-pot.gif Tomato-seeds.gif
Garden-gloves.gif Gardening Gloves (750)
Buy (London, 75 credits)
Watering-can.gif Watering Can (750)
Buy (Sydney, 75 credits)
Terra-cotta-pot.gif Terra Cotta Pot (600)
Buy (Portofino, 60 credits)
hand-rake.gif Hand Rake (500)
Buy (London, 50 credits)
Hand-shovel.gif Hand Shovel (500)
Buy (Portofino, 50 credits)
Wildflower-seeds.gif Wildflower Seeds (350)
Buy (Chicago, 35 credits)
Tomato-seeds.gif Tomato Seeds (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
Watermelon-seeds.gif Watermelon Seeds (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)

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