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Retired July 3rd, 2008

Set Cards

kondo-the-rhinoceros_small.gif Kondo the Rhinoceros (10550)
Alexis the Kangaroo + Jojo the Gorilla + Khatiti the Elephant
alexis-the-kangaroo_small.gif jojo-the-gorilla_small.gif khatiti-the-elephant_small.gif
alexis-the-kangaroo_small.gif Alexis the Kangaroo (7300)
Zookeeper Carly + Mei-Zhen the Panda + Nayak the Camel
zookeeper-carly_small.gif mei-zhen-the-panda_small.gif nayak-the-camel_small.gif
jiya-the-tiger_small.gif Jiya the Tiger (5800)
Oskar the Polar Bear + Tau the Lion + Ulan the Zebra
oskar-the-polar-bear_small.gif tau-the-lion_small.gif ulan-the-zebra_small.gif
zookeeper-carly_small.gif Zookeeper Carly (3100)
Zookeeper Herb + Elliot + Nukka the Seal
zookeeper-herb_small.gif elliot_small.gif nukka-the-seal_small.gif
oskar-the-polar-bear_small.gif Oskar the Polar Bear (2400)
Roosevelt the Bear + Nukka the Seal + Nilak the Penguin
roosevelt-the-bear_small.gif nukka-the-seal_small.gif nilak-the-penguin_small.gif
kai-the-dolphin_small.gif Kai the Dolphin (2000)
Invite Bonus
isha-the-boa-constrictor_small.gif Isha the Boa Constrictor (1800)
yuda-the-komodo-dragon_small.gif Yuda the Komodo Dragon (1750)
Nukka the Seal + Nilak the Penguin + Daw the Gecko
nukka-the-seal_small.gif nilak-the-penguin_small.gif daw-the-gecko_small.gif
tau-the-lion_small.gif Tau the Lion (1500)
mei-zhen-the-panda_small.gif Mei-Zhen the Panda (1500)
Daimon the Koala + Ulan the Zebra + Yobachi the Meerkat
daimon-the-koala_small.gif ulan-the-zebra_small.gif yobachi-the-meerkat_small.gif
zoo-train_small.gif Zoo Train (1400)
Popcorn Machine + Consumer Camera + Zoo Map
popcorn-machine_small.gif consumer-camera_small.gif zoo-map_small.gif
nayak-the-camel_small.gif Nayak the Camel (1200)
jojo-the-gorilla_small.gif Jojo the Gorilla (1200)
3x Abeeku the Monkey
abeeku-the-monkey_small.gif abeeku-the-monkey_small.gif abeeku-the-monkey_small.gif
zookeeper-herb_small.gif Zookeeper Herb (1000)
Buy (New York, 200 credits)
khatiti-the-elephant_small.gif Khatiti the Elephant (850)
Buy (New York/Las Vegas, 175 credits)
roosevelt-the-bear_small.gif Roosevelt the Bear (750)
Buy (Chicago/London, 150 credits)
elliot_small.gif Elliot (750)
Consumer Camera + Zoo Map + Lemon Slush
consumer-camera_small.gif zoo-map_small.gif lemon-slush_small.gif
nukka-the-seal_small.gif Nukka the Seal (600)
Buy (London, 125 credits)
popcorn-machine_small.gif Popcorn Machine (550)
Buy (Sydney, 110 credits)
daimon-the-koala_small.gif Daimon the Koala (500)
Buy (Sydney, 100 credits)
nilak-the-penguin_small.gif Nilak the Penguin (450)
Pop-up/Buy (Chicago, 90 credits)
ulan-the-zebra_small.gif Ulan the Zebra (400)
Buy (London/Sydney, 80 credits)
consumer-camera_small.gif Consumer Camera (350)
Buy (Sydney/Portofino, 70 credits)
abeeku-the-monkey_small.gif Abeeku the Monkey (300)
Buy (Chicago, 60 credits)
daw-the-gecko_small.gif Daw the Gecko (250)
Buy (Sydney, 50 credits)
yobachi-the-meerkat_small.gif Yobachi the Meerkat (200)
Buy (Chicago, 40 credits)
zoo-map_small.gif Zoo Map (150)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
lemon-slush_small.gif Lemon Slush (100)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)

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