Packrat High Seas Rivalry

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Icon: high-seas-rivalry_small.gif (14 total items)
Retired April 12th, 2008

Set Cards

ancient-terror_small.gif Ancient Terror (6600)
Submarine + Captain Lionel Auger + Squid
submarine_small.gif captain-lionel-auger_small.gif squid_small.gif
pirate-ship_small.gif Pirate Ship (3200)
submarine_small.gif Submarine (2200)
Treasure Chest + Bartholomew Auger + Great White
treasure-chest_small.gif bartholomew-auger_small.gif great-white_small.gif
captain-lionel-auger_small.gif Captain Lionel Auger (1600)
squid_small.gif Squid (1200)
Sea Anemone + Jellyfish + Octopus
sea-anemone_small.gif jellyfish_small.gif octopus_small.gif
treasure-chest_small.gif Treasure Chest (800)
Buy (New York/Sydney, 80 credits)
lobster_small.gif Lobster (800)
3x Crab
crab_small.gif crab_small.gif crab_small.gif
bartholomew-auger_small.gif Bartholomew Auger (500)
Buy (London, 50 credits)
great-white_small.gif Great White (400)
Buy (Fort Worth/London, 40 credits)
sea-anemone_small.gif Sea Anemone (400)
3x Starfish
starfish_small.gif starfish_small.gif starfish_small.gif
jellyfish_small.gif Jellyfish (300)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney, 30 credits)
crab_small.gif Crab (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
octopus_small.gif Octopus (200)
Buy (London/Sydney, 20 credits)
starfish_small.gif Starfish (100)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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