Packrat Full Throttle

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Icon: full-throttle_small.gif (15 total items)
Retired July 1st, 2008

Set Cards

jetpack_small.gif Jetpack (25000)
Jet Ski + Go Kart + Rocket Engine
jet-ski_small.gif go-kart_small.gif rocket-engine_small.gif
jet-ski_small.gif Jet Ski (9700)
Racing Engine + Kayak + Toolbox
racing-engine_small.gif kayak_small.gif toolbox_small.gif
go-kart_small.gif Go Kart (6850)
Racing Engine + Tricycle + Power Drill
racing-engine_small.gif tricycle_small.gif power-drill_small.gif
sailboard_small.gif Sailboard (5000)
Invite Bonus
racing-engine_small.gif Racing Engine (4500)
Power Drill + Chainsaw + Toolbox
power-drill_small.gif chainsaw_small.gif toolbox_small.gif
kayak_small.gif Kayak (2400)
3x Surfboard
surfboard_small.gif surfboard_small.gif surfboard_small.gif
rocket-engine_small.gif Rocket Engine (1500)
tricycle_small.gif Tricycle (800)
Scooter + Inline Skate + Pogo Stick
scooter_small.gif inline-skate_small.gif pogo-stick_small.gif
power-drill_small.gif Power Drill (750)
Buy (New York, 150 credits)
surfboard_small.gif Surfboard (600)
Buy (London/Sydney, 100 credits)
chainsaw_small.gif Chainsaw (500)
Buy (New York/Sydney, 100 credits)
toolbox_small.gif Toolbox (400)
Buy (London, 80 credits)
scooter_small.gif Scooter (300)
Buy (Chicago/Portofino, 60 credits)
inline-skate_small.gif Inline Skate (200)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney, 40 credits)
pogo-stick_small.gif Pogo Stick (100)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)

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