Packrat Dark Roast

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Set Cards

poetry-reading.gif Poetry Reading (8000)
Beatnik Poet + Acoustic Guitar + Stack of Old Books
beatnik-poet.gif acoustic-guitar.gif stack-of-old-books.gif
beatnik-poet.gif Beatnik Poet (4000)
Vault Bonus
steel-espresso-machine.gif Steel Espresso Machine (3000)
Buy (New York/Portofino, 300 credits)
acoustic-guitar.gif Acoustic Guitar (1500)
Buy (Sydney/Portofino, 150 credits)
blended-beverage-with-whip.gif Blended Beverage With Whip (1400)
Blender + Shot of Espresso + Ice Cubes
blender.gif shot-of-espresso.gif ice-cubes.gif
blender.gif Blender (1300)
Buy (Chicago, 130 credits)
mexican-hot-chocolate.gif Mexican Hot Chocolate (1200)
Dark Chocolate + Cinnamon Shaker + Shot of Espresso
dark-chocolate.gif cinnamon-shaker.gif shot-of-espresso.gif
packrat-latte.gif Packrat Latte (1100)
Steamed Milk + 2x Shot of Espresso
steamed-milk.gif shot-of-espresso.gif shot-of-espresso.gif
tea-kettle.gif Tea Kettle (1000)
Steamed Milk + Earl Gray Tea Bag + Sugar and Substitutes
steamed-milk.gif earl-gray-tea-bag.gif sugar-and-substitutes.gif
americano.gif Americano (900)
3x Shot of Espresso
shot-of-espresso.gif shot-of-espresso.gif shot-of-espresso.gif
stack-of-old-books.gif Stack of Old Books (600)
Buy (New York/Portofino, 60 credits)
dark-chocolate.gif Dark Chocolate (500)
Buy (London/Portofino, 50 credits)
cinnamon-shaker.gif Cinnamon Shaker (400)
Buy (Sydney/Portofino, 40 credits)
steamed-milk.gif Steamed Milk (400)
Buy (London, 40 credits)
shot-of-espresso.gif Shot of Espresso (250)
Buy (Chicago/New York/Portofino, 25 credits)
earl-gray-tea-bag.gif Earl Gray Tea Bag (250)
Buy (London, 25 credits)
sugar-and-substitutes.gif Sugar and Substitutes (200)
Buy (Chicago/Portofino, 20 credits)
ice-cubes.gif Ice Cubes (100)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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