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Icon: collezioni-la-soul_small.gif (25 total items)
Retired May 9th, 2008

Set Cards

diva-cleopatra_small.gif Diva Cleopatra (7500)
Shiny Aphrodite + Quetzalcoatl + Fellini Eight Point Five
shiny-aphrodite_small.gif quetzalcoatl_small.gif fellini-eight-point-five_small.gif
mosura-shobijin_small.gif Mosura Shobijin (3000)
Buy (New York/Las Vegas, 300 credits)
shock-and-awesomeness_small.gif Shock and Awesomeness (3000)
Hot Coffy + Modernista + Panthera Pardus
hot-coffy_small.gif modernista_small.gif panthera-pardus_small.gif
global-warmer_small.gif Global Warmer (2750)
Ooga + Gilberto Impanema + Green Giantesse
ooga_small.gif gilberto-impanema_small.gif green-giantesse_small.gif
tootsie-soul_small.gif Tootise Soul (2500)
Hot Coffy + Walking’ Nancy + Lucy Van Pelt
hot-coffy_small.gif walkin-nancy_small.gif lucy-van-pelt_small.gif
shiny-aphrodite_small.gif Shiny Aphrodite (2000)
Buy (New York/Las Vegas, 200 credits)
belafonte-day-o_small.gif Belafonte Day-O (1750)
Pop-up/Invite Bonus
fellini-eight-point-five_small.gif Fellini Eight Point Five (1500)
Pop-up/Invite Bonus
quetzalcoatl_small.gif Quetzalcoatl (1500)
Buy (New York, 150 credits)
blue-ray-def-jam_small.gif Blue Ray Def Jam (1200)
Camper Van Boothoven + Aqua Velvet + Green Giantesse
camper-van-boothoven_small.gif aqua-velvet_small.gif green-giantesse_small.gif
hot-coffy_small.gif Hot Coffy (1200)
Buy (Sydney/Las Vegas, 120 credits)
ooga_small.gif Ooga (1000)
Buy (New York, 100 credits)
modernista_small.gif Modernista (800)
Buy (London/Sydney, 90 credits)
gilberto-impanema_small.gif Gilberto Impanema (750)
Buy (New York, 75 credits)
eva-noelle_small.gif Eva Noelle (750)
walkin-nancy_small.gif Walkin’ Nancy (600)
Buy (London, 60 credits)
lucy-van-pelt_small.gif Lucy Van Pelt (500)
Buy (London, 50 credits)
bunny-slope_small.gif Bunny Slope (400)
Buy (Chicago, 40 credits)
camper-van-boothoven_small.gif Camper Van Boothoven (400)
Buy (Chicago, 40 credits)
sandi-bernadino_small.gif Sandi Bernadino (400)
Buy (Chicago, 40 credits)
aqua-velvet_small.gif Aqua Velvet (300)
Buy (Chicago, 30 credits)
lady-cougar_small.gif Lady Cougar (300)
Buy (Sydney, 30 credits)
panthera-pardus_small.gif Panthera Pardus (300)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney/Las Vegas, 30 credits)
dewey-decimal_small.gif Dewey Decimal (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
green-giantesse_small.gif Green Giantesse (200)
Buy (Chicago/Sydney, 20 credits)

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