Packrat Cimarron Canyon

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Icon: cimarron-canyon_small.gif (15 total items)
Retired March 31st, 2008

Set Cards

sheriff_small.gif Sheriff (2500)
Buy (Berkeley, 250 credits)
sam-the-gambler_small.gif Sam the Gambler (2300)
Outlaw + Six Shooter + Ace of Spades
outlaw_small.gif six-shooter_small.gif ace-of-spades_small.gif
great-state-of-texas_small.gif Great State of Texas (1600)
3x Tin Star
tin-star_small.gif tin-star_small.gif tin-star_small.gif
damsel-in-distress_small.gif Damsel in Distress (1500)
brave_small.gif Brave (1000)
Buy (Berkeley, 150 credits)
outlaw_small.gif Outlaw (800)
3x Cerveza
cerveza_small.gif cerveza_small.gif cerveza_small.gif
pony_small.gif Pony (600)
Buy (Berkeley, 60 credits)
boot_small.gif Boot (500)
Buy (Berkeley, 50 credits)
six-shooter_small.gif Six Shooter (400)
Invite Bonus/Buy (Berkeley, 40 credits)
10-gallon-hat_small.gif 10 Gallon Hat (400)
3x Lasso
lasso_small.gif lasso_small.gif lasso_small.gif
tin-star_small.gif Tin Star (400)
Buy (Berkeley, 40 credits)
ace-of-spades_small.gif Ace of Spades (300)
Buy (Berkeley, 30 credits)
saguaro_small.gif Saquaro (200)
Buy (Berkeley, 20 credits)
cerveza_small.gif Cerveza (200)
Buy (Berkeley, 20 credits)
lasso_small.gif Lasso (100)
Buy (Berkeley, 10 credits)

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