Packrat Boy Genius

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Icon: boy-genius_small.gif (14 total items)

Set Cards

rocket-zero_small.gif Rocket Zero (8400)
Tripod Seeker Drone + Ion Flier + Plutonium Ooze
tripod-seeker-drone_small.gif ion-flier_small.gif plutonium-ooze_small.gif
tripod-seeker-drone_small.gif Tripod Seeker Drone (4800)
Android Irwin + Proton Cannon + Plutonium Ooze
android-irwin_small.gif proton-cannon_small.gif plutonium-ooze_small.gif
android-irwin_small.gif Android Irwin (2700)
Lucas + R.U.F.U.S. + Mindwave Helmet
lucas_small.gif rufus_small.gif mindwave-helmet_small.gif
baron-von-heisenberg_small.gif Baron von Heisenberg (1500)
Invite Bonus
ion-flier_small.gif Ion Flier (1200)
time-machine_small.gif Time Machine (1200)
Mindwave Helmet + Time Dilation Ratchet + Odd Module
mindwave-helmet_small.gif time-dilation-ratchet_small.gif odd-module_small.gif
lucas_small.gif Lucas (900)
Buy (New York, 180 credits)
proton-cannon_small.gif Proton Cannon (800)
Time Dilation Ratchet + Odd Module + Neutron Blaster
time-dilation-ratchet_small.gif odd-module_small.gif neutron-blaster_small.gif
rufus_small.gif R.U.F.U.S. (700)
Buy (London, 140 credits)
plutonium-ooze_small.gif Plutonium Ooze (500)
Buy (Sydney, 100 credits)
mindwave-helmet_small.gif Mindwave Helmet (400)
Vault Bonus/Buy (Sydney, 80 credits)
time-dilation-ratchet_small.gif Time Dilation Ratchet (300)
Buy (Sydney, 60 credits)
odd-module_small.gif Odd Module (200)
Buy (Chicago, 40 credits)
neutron-blaster_small.gif Neutron Blaster (100)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)

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