Packrat Born To Be Wild

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Icon: born-to-be-wild_small.gif (15 total items)

Set Cards

bunneh-sidecar_small.gif Bunneh Sidecar (4000)
Mister Bunneh + Chic Bunneh + Bunneh Chopper
mister-bunneh_small.gif chic-bunneh_small.gif bunneh-chopper_small.gif
the-bunneh-bar_small.gif The Bunneh Bar (2000)
Bouncer Bunneh + Jukebox + Carrot Juice
bouncer-bunneh_small.gif jukebox_small.gif carrot-juice_small.gif
chic-bunneh_small.gif Chic Bunneh (1250)
Biker Helmet + Patriotic Tat + Biker Goggles
biker-helmet_small.gif patriotic-tat_small.gif biker-goggles_small.gif
mister-bunneh_small.gif Mister Bunneh (1250)
Leather Jacket + Bunneh Boots + Biker Gloves
leather-jacket_small.gif bunneh-boots_small.gif biker-gloves_small.gif
bouncer-bunneh_small.gif Bouncer Bunneh (1250)
Pop-Up, Invite Bonus
bunneh-chopper_small.gif Bunneh Chopper (1000)
Buy (Chicago, 100 credits)
route-66_small.gif Route 66 (750)
Vault Bonus
leather-jacket_small.gif Leather Jacket (600)
jukebox_small.gif Jukebox (500)
Buy (Chicago, 50 credits)
biker-helmet_small.gif Biker Helmet (400)
Buy (Sydney, 40 Credits)
bunneh-boots_small.gif Bunneh Boots (300)
Buy (New York, 30 credits)
biker-gloves_small.gif Biker Gloves (250)
Buy (London, 25 credits)
biker-goggles_small.gif Biker Goggles (250)
Buy (Chicago/Portofino, 25 credits)
patriotic-tat_small.gif Patriotic Tat (250)
Buy (New York, 25 credits)
carrot-juice_small.gif Carrot Juice (100)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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