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Icon: best-in-show_small.gif (14 total items)
Retired on May 28th, 2008

Set Cards

destiny-the-unicorn_small.gif Destiny the Unicorn (6500)
Best in Show Trophy + Brianne the Pony + Rhinestone Collar
best-in-show-trophy_small.gif brianna-the-pony_small.gif rhinestone-collar_small.gif
louis-the-hedgehog_small.gif Louis the Hedgehog (4000)
best-in-show-trophy_small.gif Best in Show Trophy (2900)
Elvis the Tiger + Petunia + Rhinestone Collar
elvis-the-tiger_small.gif Petunia_small.gif rhinestone-collar_small.gif
brianna-the-pony_small.gif Brianne the Pony (1500)
elvis-the-tiger_small.gif Elvis the Tiger (1200)
3x Tabitha the Cat
tabitha-the-cat_small.gif tabitha-the-cat_small.gif tabitha-the-cat_small.gif
pet-house_small.gif Pet House (1200)
Frisbee the Rabbit + Tabitha the Cat + Buddy the Dog
frisbee-the-rabbit_small.gif tabitha-the-cat_small.gif buddy-the-dog_small.gif
mia-the-seahorse_small.gif Mia the Seahorse (750)
Buy (New York, 75 credits)
rhinestone-collar_small.gif Rhinestone Collar (600)
Buy (London/Sydney, 60 credits)
Petunia_small.gif Petunia (500)
Buy (London, 50 credits)
winston-the-turtle_small.gif Winston the Turtle (400)
3x Abbey the Goldfish
abigail-the-goldfish_small.gif abigail-the-goldfish_small.gif abigail-the-goldfish_small.gif
frisbee-the-rabbit_small.gif Frisbee the Rabbit (400)
Buy (Chicago, 40 credits)
tabitha-the-cat_small.gif Tabitha the Cat (300)
Buy (Chicago, 60 credits)
buddy-the-dog_small.gif Buddy the Dog (200)
Buy (Chicago, 20 credits)
abigail-the-goldfish_small.gif Abbey the Goldfish (100)
Buy (Chicago, 10 credits)

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