Packrat Arctic Adventure

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Icon: arctic-adventure_small.gif (14 total items)
Retired March 31st, 2008

Set Cards

frozen-castle_small.gif Frozen Castle (6800)
Frozen Tower + Abominable Snowman + North Wind
frozen-tower_small.gif abominable-snowman_small.gif north-wind_small.gif
ice-queen_small.gif Ice Queen (3200)
Pop-Up, Invite Bonus
frozen-tower_small.gif Frozen Tower (3200)
Ukluk the Eskimo + Igloo + Snowball
ukluk-the-eskimo_small.gif igloo_small.gif snowball_small.gif
abominable-snowman_small.gif Abominable Snowman (1600)
Baby Seal + Polar Bear Cub + Snowball
baby-seal_small.gif polar-bear-cub_small.gif snowball_small.gif
north-wind_small.gif North Wind (1600)
basic-snowman_small.gif Basic Snowman (800)
3x Snowball
snowball_small.gif snowball_small.gif snowball_small.gif
ukluk-the-eskimo_small.gif Ukluk the Eskimo (800)
Buy (Berkeley, 80 credits)
toboggan_small.gif Toboggan (800)
3x Pair of Snowshoes
pair-of-snowshoes_small.gif pair-of-snowshoes_small.gif pair-of-snowshoes_small.gif
baby-seal_small.gif Baby Seal (600)
Buy (Berkeley, 60 credits)
igloo_small.gif Igloo (500)
Buy (Berkeley, 40 credits)
polar-bear-cub_small.gif Polar Bear Cub (400)
Buy (Berkeley, 30 credits)
penguin_small.gif Penguin (300)
Buy (Berkeley, 30 credits)
snowball_small.gif Snowball (200)
Buy (Berkeley, 20 credits)
pair-of-snowshoes_small.gif Pair of Snowshoes (200)
Buy (Berkeley, 20 credits)

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