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Set Cards

castle_small.gif Castle (15800)
Wizard + Dragon + Stone Golem
wizard_small.gif dragon_small.gif stone-golem_small.gif
wizard_small.gif Wizard (7800)
Alfgar The Wise + Spell Book + Crystal Ball
alfgar-the-wise_small.gif spell-book_small.gif crystal-ball_small.gif
restless-spirit_small.gif Restless Spirit (7000)
Pop-up, Invite Bonus
legendary-sword_small.gif Legendary Sword (6000)
Pop-up, Invite Bonus
succubus_small.gif Succubus (6000)
Kyeera of the Amazons + Skeleton Warrior + Fairy Queen
kyeera-of-the-amazons_small.gif skeleton-warrior_small.gif fairy-queen_small.gif
alfgar-the-wise_small.gif Alfgar the Wise (5000)
Pop-up, Invite Bonus, Vault Bonus
dragon_small.gif Dragon (3300)
Spell Book + Wyrm + Goblin Soldier
spell-book_small.gif wyrm_small.gif goblin-soldier_small.gif
armored-knight_small.gif Armored Knight (2500)
Knight's Shield + Gavin the Squire + Short Sword
knight-shield_small.gif gavin-the-squire_small.gif short-sword_small.gif
kyeera-of-the-amazons_small.gif Kyeera of the Amazons (2000)
skeleton-warrior_small.gif Skeleton Warrior (1750)
Dark Slime + Flail + Short Sword
dark-slime_small.gif flail_small.gif short-sword_small.gif
trebuchet_small.gif Trebuchet (1550)
Hammer + Bow + Buckler
hammer_small.gif bow_small.gif buckler_small.gif
stone-golem_small.gif Stone Golem (1450)
Hammer + Magic Potion + Scroll
hammer_small.gif magic-potion_small.gif scroll_small.gif
spell-book_small.gif Spell Book (1200)
3x Scroll
scroll_small.gif scroll_small.gif scroll_small.gif
knight-shield_small.gif Knight's Shield (1200)
3x Buckler
buckler_small.gif buckler_small.gif buckler_small.gif
wyrm_small.gif Wyrm (750)
crystal-ball_small.gif Crystal Ball (750)
goblin-soldier_small.gif Goblin Soldier (600)
Buy (New York, 120 credits)
dark-slime_small.gif Dark Slime (600)
Buy (New York, 120 credits)
gavin-the-squire_small.gif Gavin the Squire (500)
Buy (New York, 100 credits)
lady-maerwynn_small.gif Lady Maerwynn (500)
Buy (New York/Las Vegas, 100 credits)
fairy-queen_small.gif Fairy Queen (450)
Buy (London/Sydney/Las Vegas, 90 credits)
hammer_small.gif Hammer (450)
Vault Bonus/Buy (London, 90 credits)
bow_small.gif Bow (400)
Buy (London, 80 credits)
flail_small.gif Flail (400)
Vault Bonus/Buy (Sydney, 80 credits)
short-sword_small.gif Short Sword (350)
Vault Bonus/Buy (London/Sydney, 70 credits)
magic-potion_small.gif Magic Potion (350)
Vault Bonus/Buy (Sydney, 70 credits)
buckler_small.gif Buckler (300)
Buy (London/Sydney, 60 credits)
scroll_small.gif Scroll (300)
Vault Bonus, Buy (Chicago/London/Sydney, 60 credits)

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