How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

First thing you need to do is upload an image. Go to the Upload Images link on the sidebar.
Next you need to scroll down to the files selection on the bottom of the page and upload the image you want. At this point in time you have to upload one image at a time.

After you are done uploading your images, you can go to the pack you are updating and add the information to the page.

For cards that require recipes, you will use this section of code.

[[include include:packrat-item-recipe
|card-name= <— Card name goes here
|card-value= <— Card value goes here
|get-method= <— Cards used to create the card go here
|card-image=.gif <— Image filenames go here. CaPs are important. Make sure what you put here is typed exactly like what you uploaded

For normal cards, use the non-recipe code.

[[include include:packrat-item

After you are done editing, click the preview button to make sure it looks ok, then scroll down and save when you are finished.

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